Gadsden by Gorget Distilling Company


  • Award winning aged rum. Aged in charred white oak barrels for over two years with vanilla, coco bean and raisins.
  • 90 Proof
SilveRum by Gorget Distilling Company


  • Award winning white rum made from cane sugar molasses, 
    • 96 Proof
Battle Shine by Gorget Distilling Company

Battle Shine

  • Award-winning “shine” made from grain and cane. Great by itself or mixed int a “Shine-a-Rita” or “Battle Mary”!
    • 100 Proof
Iron Java by Gorget Distilling Company

Iron Java

  • Distillers’ choice of premium coffees are used to make this intense coffee rum. This goes amazing in a kicked-up coffee, hot chocolate or paired with any of Gorget’s Cavalier Creams!
    • 70 Proof
Root Berr Rum by Gorget Distilling Company

Root Beer Rum

  • Fantastic root beer flavored rum. If you like root beer this is for you! Great by itself or mixed with cream soda, cherry colas, over ice cream or in a float!
    • 66 Proof
Vanilla Peach Rum by Gorget Distilling Company

Vanilla Peach

  • A year-round favorite, but especially a summer favorite in unsweet tea. A soft pleasant peach flavor. This can be mixed with just about anything fruity!

    • 66 Proof
Cinnamon & Vanilla by Gorget Distilling Company

Cinnamon & Vanilla

  • Cinnamon flavored rum with a touch of vanilla to soften the finish. No burn to this flavor, but more like a trip down memory lane with taste of candied red hots we enjoyed as a child. 
    • 66 Proof
Caramel & Apple Rum by Gorget Distilling Company

Caramel & Apple

  • Crisp apple front with a sweet caramel finish! 
    • 66 Proof
Black Cherry by Gorget Distilling Company

Black Cherry

  • Smooth cherry flavored rum. Great by itself or mixed in your favorite soda, hot chocolate, and many more.
    • 66 Proof
Bayonet by Gorget Distilling Company


  • Small batch whiskey aged in charred white oak barrels. Mash Bill – corn, barley, red winter wheat. Excellent whiskey served neat or mixed.
    • 82 Proof, also available Barrel proof – “varies”
Revolution Thirteen by Gorget Distilling Company

Revolution Thirteen

  • Small batch bourbon aged in charred white oak barrels. Mash bill – Corn, barley, oats, red winter wheat. One of our most treasured products available in the fall. 
    • Proofed to distillers’ choice “varies”.
Vodka by Gorget Distilling Company


  • Made from molasses, has a slight sweet note at the end. One of our best complements is that “it can be drank straight.” 
    • 86 Proof
Salted Caramel Truffle by Gorget Distilling Company

Cavalier Cream Salted Caramel Truffel

  •  This will satisfy the savory and sweet tooth in a glass. Amazing by itself, or an adult milkshake! Also goes will in hot chocolate or a strawberry smoothy!
    • 34 Proof
Pecan Praline by Gorget Distilling Company

Cavalier Cream Pecan Praline

  • An amazing liquor all in itself! Just pour over ice and enjoy, also fantastic in coffee too. 
    • 34 Proof
Midnight Mint by Gorget Distilling Company

Cavalier Cream Midnight Mint

  • What is more refreshing than a “hint of mint” one might ask? How about a little Chocolate added to smooth it out just a bit! That is what our Mint Chocolate Cavalier Cream will bring you! Add a splash or two to your freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate, or drizzle a little on top of your favorite ice cream. We promise that you will not be disappointed!
    • 34 Proof